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Need People?  

Goal Indigenous Services is a majority owned Indigenous Enterprise, meaning that the workforce, service and project solutions that we deliver will contribute to your organisation's diversity and Indigenous employment goals, whilst maintaining the capacity, quality and efficiency that you need on every job. 

By partnering with CGH Group, we ensure we are able to maintain a consistent supply of people with the right skills, training and qualifications, and are able to customise professional, trade or unskilled labour placements, human resource services or end-to-end project solution to your requirements. 

Goal mentors and HR support consultants help businesses to keep in touch with Indigenous employees around sensitive issues like cultural leave.  With a joint approach taken by Employers and Employees, we will take in all considerations allowing us to understand and respect the importance of cultural significance to ensure we create a supportive working environment.

We can also provide Indigenous cultural liaison services across the whole of your business, as well as cultural awareness training across your staff to help develop a corporate culture of awareness and inclusion.


Labour Hire and Recruitment

Goal Indigenous Services has the capacity to provide full service labour hire and recruitment solutions for your organisation or project, no matter the size or scope.  Our ultimate goal is to provide as many employment opportunities for Indigenous people as possible.

At all times, we have the resources to completely manage solutions end to end if required, including: 

  • Access to a quality checked, skilled and work ready labour pool
  • Provide Payroll, Human Resource, Industrial Relations and admin support
  • Assist and facilitate staff site induction processes
  • Develop, implement and manage ongoing OH&S systems
  • Supply on-site supervisory options
  • Performance Manage contract and permanent staff ensuring productivity and efficiency are maintained to the highest standard.


As an Indigenous Enterprise, our ability to combine Indigenous and none indigenous labour placements and recruitment solutions means that we can ensure we have the right people for every job, without affecting your goals to increase diversity and work Indigenous owned suppliers.


Indigenous Apprentices and Trainees

Goal Indigenous Services can assist you through the whole journey of sourcing, placing and supporting a trainee or apprentice within your organisation.  We will help you to investigate and decide whether an apprentice or trainee is right for your business, and to source the ideal candidate for the role.   We then guide you through the process of onboarding, enrolling with an appropriate Registered Training Organisation, and accessing the Government incentives that you may be eligible for.  

We then provide tailored, one-on-one mentorship for both you as employers, and your Indigenous apprentice or traineeship to ensure that the candidate is able to stay in their placement and that you are confident in providing the support, understanding and leadership they require to become a valuable and proud long term member of your organisation. 


HR Management Services

We understand that not everyone has the time or expertise to focus on people management.  When working with Goal to deliver projects or to place Indigenous employees in your business, you will have access to a range of skilled and experienced Human Resouce managers to ensure that you are able to effectively find, recruit, manage, engage and measure your people, whether in specialised areas of Indigenous employee engagement, or across the day to day management of employee relations. 

Some of the HR Management sevices that Goal can take care of are: 

  • Staff recruitment, onboarding and work readiness requirements
  • Payroll, employee relations, industrial relations and administrative support
  • Performance management and skills / career development support, including training
  • On-site supervisory options, an/or ongoing mentorship of placed candidates 


Service and Project Delivery

As well as simply supplying people to meet your organisation's specific needs, Goal has the capability and resources to supply a number of end-to-end services and project delivery solutions.  Our end game is always about creating and maintaining work for Indigenous people, and we seek all opportunities to put together solutions and meet requirements that help us to achieve this.  

Whether you have a specific gap in your supply chain, an unmet demand you seek to fill, or a complete project you are seeking Indigenous suppliers for, Goal's flexible and innovative business model, paired with strong capacity and leadership means we are able to find solutions and deliver results.  

Talk to us about the opportunties, service needs and projects of your organisation, or about your plans for growing Indigenous diversity in the business, and see how we can help today. 


Indigenous Employment Consultation

In all of the services we provide, Goal's ultimate mission is to help Indigenous people find long term, stable employment and therefore economic independence in their communities. However, we know that many organisations may be unsure about where to start increasing the diversity and Indigenous representation in their workforce.  Some organisations shy away from employing Indigenous people because they feel they (or their workforce) may not have the cultural awareness or understanding they need.  

Goal Indigenous Services aims to break down these barriers and offers a range of services to businesses at all sizes and stages to help them confidently employ and manage Indigenous people and to provide meaningful career paths.  .  

Our services can include: 

  • Cultural Awareness training for managers and employees
  • Cultural Diversity workshops 
  • Mentoring and support for employers and managers of Indigenous people 
  • Mentoring and support for Indigenous employees placed through Goal 
  • Assistance with culturally sensitive HR issues or questions 
  • Assistance developing culturally sensitive HR policies and practices