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Save the world from your desk this earth day

Whether you’re a recycling rookie or eco-warrior, Earth Day (22nd April 2018) is the perfect time to reflect on how to be better for the environment. In the face of such huge problems, trying to make a difference alone can feel overwhelming. We’ve got some tips on how you and your company can do your bit to keep the planet healthy.

It all begins with the journey

Congestion, and the extra fuel it uses, emits CO2 and NO2. These gases add to the greenhouse effect, and have a significant negative impact on our health.

Public transport helps minimise the emissions, as does carpooling. If your company hasn’t got a carpool scheme, start one. Sharing a ride helps the environment, and could strengthen your internal network too.

If you want to improve your health and the planet’s, try cycling, running or walking to work. A marathon is 42km, so running 10km to work 4 days a week puts you on the road to fitness success!

Ditch the one-use plastics

Coffee cups cannot be recycled. Every one litre of bottled water needs one litre of oil to produce it. With so many attractive reusable coffee cups and water bottles – is there really any excuse?

Bring your own lunch

Ditch the packaged salads and sandwiches and start setting aside time to prep lunches. Or cook double portions at dinner for tomorrow’s lunch. This reduces plastic, and you’ll know everything in your food – no hidden nasties!

Bulk up

For some things – tea, coffee, biscuits – there’s always going to be some packaging. Buying in bulk not only saves money, it reduces total amount of packaging used. Liaise with other departments – are you ordering the same things, at different times? Show off your logistics flair and initiative whilst doing your part for Earth Day.

Turn it off

Lights on in empty meeting rooms, computers on standby overnight or aircon pumping room-temperature air: offices haemorrhage energy. Whenever you leave your desk, do a survey of the office for any switches to flick off.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Hopefully in 2018, your company recycles waste. But what about old computers, or furniture? E-waste is a mounting issue, whilst precious metals to make new computers are scarce. With 15 billion trees lost each year, is throwing away slightly scuffed desks a good use of already-chopped wood? Earth Day is the perfect time to re-evaluate all your company’s waste – and to start looking into more ethical sourcing in future.

Be sure to check your company’s environment or CSR policies before you start your eco-crusade. There could be a framework in place that isn’t implemented. And if there isn’t anything, it’s your time to shine! Showing your initiative and taking the lead is not just good for the world, but for your career, too.

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