Stepping off the hamster wheel

The lack of motivation, urgency and focus leading into and over the Christmas break can be frustrating for management and leaders in business.

However it is such a vital time for everyone in the workplace to switch off, recover and re-charge.

Many senior AFL teams have just come back after a 6 or 7 week break after a long 2016/2017 season. This has much to do with resetting the mind, as it does the body. In high performance teams – both business and sport – you can’t afford the risk of burn out in the team.

Wear and tear on the mind may be invisible to others, however it’s becoming very apparent in the world of professional sport. Clubs and teams are investing resources in wellness, mindfulness and meditation.  The realization of the brain being fit and healthy as well as the body, has uncovered a winning combination.

It’s important as a manager or leader to give your staff the time and space to escape the office, just as it is for the employee to stay away from the lure of emails and advancing with tasks that realistically can wait.  

If it’s absolutely necessary in your nature of work to stay online, set aside a specific time each day, maybe an hour or two in the morning to get the tasks achieved. Let others know this time in your out of office reply. You must set this time away from your friends and family. Having a mother, brother, friend or guest sat on their phone during the Christmas break is uncomfortable and unwelcome.

Being able to step off the hamster wheel of work and completely switch off – even for a couple of days, has been proven to re-inspire, motivate and improve confidence upon returning to the work place. 

After the Christmas break you should set some ‘Business’ New Year’s resolutions together as a team, giving your workplace ownership on setting goals. You will both see and feel the positive effect within the team, which will flow on through this renewed drive to succeed together.

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