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The bakers bake the buns

I find myself using this saying a lot in coaching. Often in sport it’s easy for an individual or team to get sidetracked from their specific purpose, talent or role that they play, due to external constraints. Much like a manager or other member of staff can be when the responsibility of recruiting new staff members arises.

The bakers bake the buns – let the professionals do what they do best.

I wouldn’t distract a defender by making them learn all of the forwards drills, so, why is it that often organisations recruit in-house instead of letting experts in their field help to find the right candidate? Employers don’t need to go it alone when it comes to hiring.

The benefits of using a reputable recruitment agency or consultant are boundless. Often companies are concerned about the costs involved, often being more expensive than the in-house option. However, when you weigh up the accelerated time scales – cutting out the short-listing, interviews and time spent assessing candidates, the cost can become negligible when compared the cost worn of distracting your staff from their usual role. Time is not on the side of an actively recruiting member of your own staff.

A quick snapshot of the benefits:

Matchmaking – Agencies work with both employers who are searching for talent, and professionals who are on the hunt for career opportunities. 

Knowledge –  How to avoid hiring a bad candidate, who is looking for work currently, what are the salary expectations in your industry- they hold the market knowledge. 

Pools of talent – Consultants have great networks and a clear idea of where to find individuals. Some candidates might not be actively looking for a new job, but a trusted consultant could just tempt them into a new role.

Manageability –  Instead of having 100 CVs sat on your desk, you will only receive the cream of the crop – the shortlisted, vetted applicants for consideration.

Negotiation –  Agencies can negotiate salaries early on in the piece knowing the wants and needs of both parties. This step often comes last with in-house recruitment and can often end in disappointment for either party’s expectations.

Xavier Clarke

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Goal set themselves apart from all others in the recruitment sector, by taking a considered, measured and process driven approach to recruitment for both candidate and client. The team at Goal took the time to gain a detailed understanding of my expectations as well as my future career aspirations and as a result I am now in a role that I thoroughly enjoy.