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Finding a winning edge

Sydney Swans have arguably been one of the most successful teams in the past 10 years. Paul Roos took the Swans to the 2004 AFL grand final, winning by one point against the West Coast Eagles. At the end of 2010, John Longmire joined the Swans as head coach and in 2012 coached the Swans to a 10-point victory against Hawthorn in the AFL grand final.

How does a club or organisation stay at the top of their game over a long period of time? Is it just talent alone?

A Sebastian Hassett article explores the culture of Sydney Swans lead by John Longmire. The article covers off on the Swans’ 5 culture components:

1. It starts at the top, but everyone owns it.
2. Never stop looking for a winning edge.
3. A strong collective culture improves almost any individual.
4. Improve. Every year.
5. Be resilient.

As I explore what makes a successful business, sporting club or any other kind of organisation for that matter, success always stems from culture and the passion to improve, build and grow in new and old relationships.

Now, is business always going to be smooth sailing, pleasing everyone along the way? The short answer is no. When George W Bush served his term as US president, his philosophy was to have people around you that will challenge your thinking. You don’t want ‘yes’ men. This is important, not to pick fights or to always disagree, but to see things from a different point of view. Does this change the overall outcome? Not necessarily, but potentially changes the process.

Enjoy the read.


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