Tips for remembering names

We’ve all been there. It’s your first day at a new job and you’re taking in a lot of new information – including everyone’s names. Before you’ve gotten a handle of your teammates’ names, you’re already being introduced to other departments while attempting to remember the OH&S processes and how to use the office coffee machine.

It’s easy to get confused and names seem to be the first thing that gets forgotten.

So how can you avoid this? We’ve collected some handy tips for remembering names that can be used on your first day in a new role. Take a look below!  

Listen, no really listen

It’s hard to discipline your thoughts but once you get the hang of it, you can really focus in on one thing and tune out everything else. We know it sounds silly, but really listen when someone says their name. Focus all your attention to what they are saying and drown everything else out. Keep eye contact and if necessary, subtly look at their mouth as they say their name.

Repeat their name

Immediately use their name in conversation. Try using their name when you say “nice to meet you’’. Repetition is one of the ways our brains learn and names are no exception. Use their name throughout your conversation and again when you say goodbye


Another tried and tested way to ensure you don’t forget names is by using visual cues and association tricks. Try associating the person’s name to something about their appearance. This is particularly successful if someone has a unique style of dress. You can use the visual association of their loud tie, for instance to trigger their name. You can also associate names to other people in your life or certain objects that may allude to their appearance or personality.

We hope these tips help you out on your first day and don’t forget, remembering someone’s name and using it while talking to them is a sign of respect. People feel appreciated when others remember and use their name. So, if you ace the introduction part of your first day, chances are your new colleagues will take a shine to you early on. Good luck!

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