Why Work With Us?


Goal IS is driven to be innovative and flexible in tailoring solutions to meet any client’s needs across a range of industries.

Government and corporate customers are increasingly requiring evidence of supplier diversity within tenders and quotations. As a Registered Supply Nation business, Goal IS supports employers and projects to achieve their social inclusion and procurement targets. By collaborating with GOAL IS, you unlock a massive potential client base who require diversity as part of their procurement goals, and contribute positively towards Corporate Social Responsibility.  

Our knowledge of best practices on advertising and recruiting from Indigenous communities means we can attract talent from any community groups throughout Australia.

Mentoring and Cultural Awareness is a service provided for both Employees and Project Management team, which allows the project to retain a quality workforce for the duration of the project.


In 2016, after the success of an Indigenous Employment Project in a remote community in the Northern Territory, Xavier and CGH Group formed Goal IS. The partnership is a great way for CGH Group to manage the back end support needed to employ Indigenous people while utilising Xavier’s passion and reach into the Indigenous community to engage and attract Indigenous people who are looking to gain entry into an industry.

Majority Indigenous Ownership

CoreStaff Group


Mentoring support from Goal IS is offered to both Indigenous Employees and the Client Management team.

Our Mentors work closely with the Indigenous Employees well before they are placed into employment. Each Indigenous candidate who applies for employment with our Organisation will be linked with a Mentor to support them with a pathway plan and supported through any necessary pre-employment training program.

Our Mentors will work with Project Managers and direct Supervisors to help them understand the background of each Individual employed. Managers will feel adequately supported in the event that any cultural challenges may arise.

Goal set themselves apart from all others in the recruitment sector, by taking a considered, measured and process driven approach to recruitment for both candidate and client. The team at Goal took the time to gain a detailed understanding of my expectations as well as my future career aspirations and as a result I am now in a role that I thoroughly enjoy.