Looking for a job?


At Goal Indigenous Services, we provide the help you need not only to get into a job, but to stay in work for the long-term, to progress your career and to be able to stay close to your home and family.  

The support we offer, both before and after we place you in a work position, is what makes us the best employment provider for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  We want to help you get the skills you need, then inspire and support you to pursue your dreams and build your career.  

For more information contact your local office or send your resume to info@goalis.com.au.


Goal Indigenous Services has access to a huge pool of job opportunities and vacancies through our partnership with national recruitment agency CoreStaff, as well as through other programs and partnerships.  We work with businesses one-on-one to help them place Indigenous people in their teams, and we actively develop projects in communities to create new jobs and opportunities for local workers.  

We aim to find the right people for jobs across all industries, including: 

So talk to us about your goals and ambitions so we can work with you to find a job that’s a great fit, or help you get the training and skills you need to get there. 


If you need training or extra skills to get into the job or industry you want, Goal IS can help you with this.  We run different training and workshops to help with ‘job readiness’ regularly.  This means helping you with some of the basic skills you might need like, computers, customer service or even reading and writing so that you can get by in a new workplace, or specialist skills required in a job like First Aid training or a White Card for construction sites. 

We may be able to provide special training courses for the skills or industries you’re interested in, to give you a better chance of finding something you love, whether it’s certification in tourism and hospitality service, mining and construction tickets, or business skills.  You may even be able to get into an apprenticeship or traineeship in your ideal industry.

If you are located in Victoria or Tasmania see our Goal VTEC page for further information.


Goal Indigenous Services respects and understands the traditions and cultures of Indigenous people.

With a joint approach taken by Employers and Employees, we will take in all considerations that understand and respects the importance of cultural significance to create a supportive working environment.

Goal set themselves apart from all others in the recruitment sector, by taking a considered, measured and process driven approach to recruitment for both candidate and client. The team at Goal took the time to gain a detailed understanding of my expectations as well as my future career aspirations and as a result I am now in a role that I thoroughly enjoy.